Thursday, May 1, 2014

2014 Newaygo Troutfest Event Results

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·        This year’s 9th Annual Newaygo Troutfest raised $12,000!!!!!!

·        Many thanks to all the west Mi businesses & persons who donated merchandise for the raffle prize packages helped sell raffle tickets and made it possible for event advertising.

·        Thank you to Parsley’s Sport Shop, for hosting the fishing contest!

·        Thanks to our community for it’s HUGE support!!....It’s your $5 donations for raffle tickets that make the Troutfest be a success in reaching their monetary goal to benefit the chosen non-profit orgs!

·        Thanks to our Troutfest staff:

1.   Wendy Muir, for organizing & hosting – she has worked VERY hard and has spent “Countless” hours organizing by contacting businesses & collecting prizes, raffle ticket distribution & event scheduling! 

2.   Rachel Wisner, for donating countless hours selling raffle tickets and more!

3.   Sherri Russell, for maintaining the website, providing professional photography services for this 3 day event & organizing the Troutfest Art Exhibition.

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